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Borrowing from the library

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The Information and Library Center is closed until further notice.

Borrowing from the library

The reading room is not available but you can still borrow books from the library. When you reserve books in the library catalog, you have the option to have your items placed in a booklocker.

The locker is located on the main floor, on the right side of the building. To open the door, tap your student card to the electronic lock. In case your card has not been coded yet, call security guards at 602 582 833 and they admit you to the building (every day until 10:00 PM).

You will be notified by email when the requested item is ready for pick-up. The book will be held for you at the booklocker for 3 days. Note that items not picked up within this time will be returned to the shelf, or placed on the hold for the next user.

Due to the high interest in the service, the waiting time may be extended to several days.

Thank you for your understanding.